Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

MEPs and Ukrainian MPs reviewed reform progress in Ukraine

Strasbourg, 16/03/2017 - 17:20, UNIQUE ID: 170316_11
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"After the two-day long fruitful and collegial discussion with the Members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, I am sure that our Ukrainian partners have understood that they are here, in the European Parliament, among friends” said Dariusz Rosati (EPP, PL), Chair of the the EP delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee on Thursday, after MEPs had had a two-day working session with their counterparts from Ukrainian Parliament in Strasbourg.

On 15-16 March MEPs and Members of Verkhovna Rada met in an EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee in Strasbourg to debate the reform agenda of Ukraine including the implementation of the Association Agreement, as well as the security and humanitarian situation, the Minsk agreements, as well as human rights issues. At the end of the meeting, they adopted a joint statement and recommendations.

After the meeting Mr. Rosati issued the following statement: “I had the opportunity to chair my first EU-Ukraine PAC. Our meeting comes at a pertinent moment, following the escalation of violence in Donbas around Avdiivka and prior to the sad third anniversary of the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. Members took stock of the progress of the comprehensive reform efforts of Ukraine in many areas and the implementation of the Association Agreement/DCFTA. The issue of eradicating corruption was and continues to be one of our primary focuses and sustaining the independence of the newly established anti-corruption institutions is crucial in this respect. We see that the cleaning up of the Augean stables have seriously started.

During the meeting we also focused on the critical security situation in Eastern Ukraine which is subject to a Russian military aggression. We have reiterated the support of the EU for Ukrainian independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders. We continue to be committed to the Minsk Agreements, which we consider as the only political and peaceful solution to the aggression in the East. However Members clearly realise that there has been no progress in its implementation due to the lack of Russian genuine commitment to do so. We therefore strongly support the roll-over of restrictive measures targeting Russia until the Minsk Agreements are fully implemented, and ask EU Council to consider introducing further sanctions.

We also urge the international community not to forget about the fate of Crimea that should not become a forgotten and inconvenient spot on the map of Europe. We request to explore the possibility to establish an international format of negotiations aiming at putting an end to the occupation of Crimea with the participation of the EU.”

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