Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine


A new EU assistance package worth €3.5 million was decided after a comprehensive assessment of the site carried out with EU funding (€1.1 million) in 2015-2016 at the request of the Ministry of Energy. The EU Delegation and STCU officials, as well as representatives of local and central Ukrainian administrations and of the Verkhovna Rada, visited the Pridniprovskiy Chemical Plant site on 1st December 2016, together with about 25 journalists who largely covered the event (close to 100 new items in a week), highlighting for the Ukrainian public opinion at large the urgent need to clean up the site from its radioactive wastes.

The EU has taken the decision to allocate these €3.5 million for the design and implementation of remediation measures and has contracted to this end the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine (STCU).

The STCU would like in turn to entrust some remediation activities at the Pridniprovskiy Chemical Plant to a Ukrainian company; interested entities should follow the link:

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