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HR/VP Mogherini marks first 100 days in office – EU priorities for global action

09/02/2015 - 00:00

Federica Mogherini focused her first hundred days in office on Europe's key priorities for foreign and security policy, both at home in Europe and around the globe.

HR/VP Federica Mogherini - first 100 days

The current turmoil in the EU's neighbourhood has made EU action in foreign and security policy more crucial than ever. HR/VP Mogherini focused on the crisis in Ukraine from the beginning, meeting with all actors involved, notably Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. She also travelled to Ukraine and ensured steadfast political and economic support to the country. The EU's restrictive measures – over the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol and the destabilisation of eastern Ukraine – are part of the diplomatic efforts to stop the hostile actions by separatists as well as their supporters in Russia. A lasting ceasefire is essential to a political solution to the crisis. The High Representative has made it clear that respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence as well as international law are non-negotiable.

Building on the EU's reliability as a mediator the HR/VP travelled to the Middle East early in her mandate and convened the members of the Quartet to highlight the urgency of progress in the Middle East Peace process.  Mogherini also re-launched the talks on the normalisation between Serbia and Kosovo, a key element in providing peace and prosperity in the EU's immediate neighbourhood.

The situation to the South of the EU's border - in particular in Syria and Iraq, but also in Libya - have been another key priority. The EU launched a communication on a strategy for the region that also addresses the threat posed by Dae'sh. The terrible attacks in Paris and the death and destruction by Boko Haram in Nigeria are reminders that extremist violence affects all parts of the world.

In today's complex world it is crucial to work with key partners. This is why Mogherini focused on deepening the EU's ties with key strategic actors around the globe- meeting with US Secretary of Kerry, both in Brussels and Washington, addressing the CELAC summit ahead of the EU's summit with Latin American and Caribbean countries this summer and discussing with the Secretary General of the Arab League El Araby how to address common challenges together.

The HR/VP dedicated much energy to ensuring EU member states and institutions work together in unity. She visited numerous EU capitals, attended the meetings of EU Commissioner and addressed the European Parliament on key developments in EU foreign and security policy.

On 8 February, the day that marked her first 100 Days in office, Mogherini gave a keynote address to the Munich Security conference setting out her priorities for EU action. She also publicly launched the process to draw up a new strategy for the EU's foreign and security policy.