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Open Vacancies: IT specialist and e-learning tools developer and graphic designer, Natolin4Capaity Building project

02/07/2021 - 09:32
EU project positions

In the framework of the "EU-funded project Capacity Building for Integration and Reform - enhancing the administrative capacity of Ukrainian civil service for European integration through a comprehensive educational programme" (Natolin4Capacity Building) the College of Europe in Natolin welcomes applications for the following open vacancies:

The e-learning quality specialist

Expert on e-learning courses

Graphic designer supporting production of e-learning courses

Programmer Full Stack WordPress developer

The overall objective of the Natolin4Capacity Building project is to support the public administration of Ukraine in the implementation of comprehensive reforms and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, as well as further EU-Ukraine integration processes, through comprehensive, practically-oriented studies and blended-learning educational programmes.

The terms of reference and more information can be found on the website:

Please submit your CV (in English) to by 19 July 2021.


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