Delegation of the European Union to Uganda


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Grants to the total value of € 368,939 have been awarded to five organizations in Uganda to address biodiversity conservation needs.

02/03/2021 – HR/VP blog – The last European Council discussed the renewed partnership with our Southern Mediterranean neighbours that I proposed together with the European Commission as High Representative of the European Union. The economic, social, ecological and security challenges facing the region have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling these together is a key challenge for our external policy.


This €8 million (UGX 35 billion) support confirms the EU’s commitment to support Uganda during such a long and unprecedented crisis adding up to €14 million (UGX 62 billion) already provided for emergency support at the beginning of the pandemic last year. #EUandUganda

Around the world, NGOs, civil society and human rights defenders protect and promote human rights, democracy, as well as sustainable and inclusive development every day. They often do this unnoticed, far from the limelight and, at times, at great personal risk.

On World NGO Day, we pay tribute to their engagement, the impact of which should not be underestimated or taken for granted.


21/02/2021 – HR/VP blog – The G5 Sahel summit and the Pau+1 summit, bringing together the G5 Sahel countries and their international partners, took place on 15 and 16 February. It is clear that the military victories achieved so far will have lasting effects only if the state’s sovereign functions are restored and basic state services are delivered once more.

17/02/2021 – HR/VP Blog – Why do we need to invest in multilateralism? Because it works. Today we have set out what the EU can do to strengthen and modernise the global system of rules and institutions on which we all depend.

Our times are marked by major geopolitical and economic power shifts, with increasingly confrontational and unilateralist relations between major powers. Yet growing global challenges call for more multilateral governance and rules-based international cooperation. The COVID-19 crisis exemplifies the need for multilateral solutions: a major global threat, it has created much-needed momentum for a coordinated, global crisis response and has exposed the need to make multilateralism fit  to cope with the new challenges

“Children have a key role to play in building a present and a future where peace will prevail. It is our responsibility to enable them to be such agents of change”, says EU-UN statement on International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers

Speech delivered by Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

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Madam President, Honourable Members of the European Parliament,

Elections took place in Uganda in January and President [of Uganda, Yoweri] Museveni, in power – and as it has been recalled – since 1986, was re-elected for a 6th term. The main political opponent Bobi Wine [Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu], announced with 35% of the vote, is challenging these results at the Supreme Court.