Delegation of the European Union to Turkmenistan

Third National Steering Group meeting of BOMCA 9 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 1 June 2018

04/06/2018 - 07:39

Representatives of the Consortium on implementation of the BORDER MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME IN CENTRAL ASIA – PHASE 9 (BOMCA 9), representatives of the State Services and Ministries of Turkmenistan involved in the implementation of BOMCA 9 Programme, representatives of the European Union Liaison office and of the EU MS Embassies accredited in Turkmenistan participated on 1 June in Ashgabat in the third National Steering Group meeting of BOMCA 9.

The main objective of the National Steering Group meeting was to perform a regular monitoring of BOMCA 9 implementation with regard to the planned objectives and expected results to ensure the effectiveness of the project activities. The meeting also marked the 15th Anniversary of the EU-funded BOMCA Programme implementation in Central Asia.

At the meeting, representatives of the BOMBA 9 Consortium presented a brief overview of BOMCA’s 15-year operation in Central Asia (23rd April 2003-2018), highlighting its major achievements. They also made presentation of progress of BOMCA 9 achieved at the national and regional levels during reporting period 2015-spring 2018, and presentation of BOMCA 9 work plan for the period June-December 2018, as well as general plan of activities for the year 2019 in view of programme extension till 14 December 2019.

Representatives of participating institutions of Turkmenistan shared information on the application of the recommendations on the activities carried out in the framework of BOMCA 9 in the work of their institutions, e.g. informing which recommendations have been adopted into practice and which recommendations could be considered as potentially useful in the nearest future. On behalf of the beneficiary agencies, they also provided comments on the proposed activities and approval of the work plan of BOMCA 9 for the period June–December 2018, and for the year 2019.