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Delegation of the European Union to Trinidad and Tobago


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Speech by the EU Ambassador at the launch of the SDG Catalyst Network

This is not simply another project, but an opportunity for all of us stakeholders to create new mechanisms as we work together in our bid to contribute towards the national development process.

EU4Democracy Poster - My Democracy is...

What  does democracy mean to you?  Share your thoughts with us.

Trinidad and Tobago on its way towards Clean Energy with a Renewable Energy Road Map & Implementation Plan

It seems indeed - and all evidence indicates - that the timing for the transition towards Clean Energy in Trinidad and Tobago is ideal. Following this path would put Trinidad and Tobago in the club of countries that despite being oil and gas producers are gradually shifting towards clean energy so as to tactfully utilize and maintain their natural resources for higher value creation and the benefit of future generations.

Speech of the Ambassador at the Handover of the Sustainable Energy Road Map & Implementation Plan 2021/2030

It is a pleasure to address you here today about the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency. I wish to thank the Ministry of Energy for hosting this event that builds on the Clean Energy Conference that took place on the 8th and 9th of June. I am very pleased that the European Union could work with the Ministry of Energy and contribute to the reflections how Government intends to meet its declared target of 10% renewables in the power generation sector by 2021.

Evaluation Report: Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries - Trinidad and Tobago

In 2003 the Government of Trinidad and Tobago decided to disengage from sugar cultivation and end all subsidies to the sugar industry in Trinidad and Tobago by the end of 2007. A National Adaptation Strategy (NAS) was subsequently developed to support the national adjustment to a combination of reforms to the European Union (EU) Sugar Protocol and the Government’s decision to disengage and end all subsidies to the industry. The EU subsequently allocated funding of €75 million under the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol (AMSP) Countries, Trinidad and Tobago 2007-2013 to assist the implementation of the NAS. This report assesses the performance and impact of the AMSP programme.

Statement on the World Humanitarian Day 2017

Statement by the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides on the World Humanitarian Day 2017