Delegacao da Uniao Europeia em Timor-Leste


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As we mark half a century of Earth Day, we are faced with two crises: the coronavirus pandemic; and the gradually growing disaster for our climate. We must solve both challenges. The world was not prepared for the novel coronavirus. But we still have time to prepare for the climate crisis in every part of the world.

Brussels, 20/04/2020

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Thank you for this opportunity to discuss the implications of this pandemic in EU foreign affairs and for your strong support to a joint EU response to this global crisis. Because it is really a global crisis which is affecting all geopolitical aspects.

Hace ya más de un mes que el coronavirus se ha adueñado de Europa. Aunque trabajamos sin descanso cada día para plantar cara a todos los aspectos de la crisis, conviene hacer una pausa y reflexionar sobre lo que vivir con la COVID-19 significa para nuestra existencia cotidiana, para Europa y para el resto del mundo, y sobre la forma en que afectará a nuestra sociedad.