Delegation of the European Union to Thailand

Updated List of Planned Procurements and awarded contractors in 2019

€15.000 - €60.000

Vendors and service providers intending to apply for a contract should consult the Procurement Notice (referred to as the 'General Provisions') before submitting their interest by filling in the Application Form.

Application should be submitted via email to (link sends e-mail)

Procurement Notice

Application Form


List of Awarded Contractors in 2019

Reference No.          Type of Tender Planned Launched Period   Awarded contractor

ADM CFT/2019/01   Office janitorial  service 2019        Professional Maid Co., Ltd

ADM CFT/2019/02   Group Medical Insurance 2019      AIA Co., Ltd.

ADM CFT/2019/03    Group Accident Insurance 2019    Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) PCL

ADM CFT/2019/04    Purchase of a serviced car  2019    BMW Thailand Co., Ltd.

ADM CFT/2019/06    Courier Service                  2019    On process



List of Planned Procurements in 2019-2020

Reference No.            Type of Tender                                  Planned Launched Period
ADM CFT/2019/06     Courier Services                                2019
ADM CFT/2020/01    Maintenance service for air Conditionner     2020
ADM CFT/2020/02    Group Medical Insurance                   2020
ADM CFT/2020/03    Group Accident Insurance                 2020
ADM CFT/2020/04    Office Stationary Service                   2020
ADM CFT/2020/05    Pest control                                        2020
ADM CFT/2020/06    Office Cleaning Service                    2020
ADM CFT/2020/07     Travel Service                                  2020
P&I CFT/2019/04    Event Organiser for the Open-Air EU Film Festival 2019     2019

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