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European Heritage Map

01/09/2017 - 06:02

The European Heritage Map and Cultural Calendar of Thailand Smart Phone Application, and the European Heritage Map of Bangkok and Ayutthaya, offer you information and directions to interesting cultural sights and architectures with European influence. Have a look below for more details!



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The 'European Heritage Map and Cultural Calendar' smart phone application maps more than 200 common heritage sites all over Thailand that has resulted from centuries of Thai-European interactions, and presents an up-to-date overview of cultural events organised by the EU Member states in Thailand, varying from movie screenings to dance performances, and from art exhibitions to lectures. It aims to promote awareness and appreciation of the long and rich history of Euro-Thai relations - as well as promote the vibrant cultural exchanges of the present.

The 'European Heritage Map and Cultural Calendar' smart phone application is a project of the EUNIC Thailand cluster and the European Union diplomatic representations in Thailand. The project was funded by the Delegation of the European Union and the EUNIC Cluster Fund; the Embassies of Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands; and Alliance française, Goethe Institut, Instituto Camoes and British Council. EUNIC Thailand (European Union National Institutes for CultureThailand) is the common framework for the promotion of European culture and European-Thai cultural dialogue and exchange.




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This is the first European Heritage Map of Bangkok and Ayutthaya, highlighting 65 sites in Bangkok and Ayutthaya that are of importance in the history of European-Thai relations. It maps palaces designed by Italian and German architects, churches established by the French and Portuguese, trading posts left by Danish and Dutch businessmen, bridges of Belgian and British make, and even military uniforms of Polish design. The European Heritage Map of Bangkok and Ayutthaya provides unique insights in the rich and diverse history of Euro-Thai relations, and reminds us of the historical foundations on which today's excellent relations between Europe and Thailand are based.

The European Heritage Map was produced for EUNIC Thailand, the Embassies of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, and the Delegation of the European Union. Paper copies are available to the public for free at selected sites pdf - 64 KB[64 KB] of cultural and touristic interest around Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

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