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"Ship to Shore Rights Project'': combatting Unacceptable forms of Work in the Thai Fishing and Seafood Industry

05/07/2017 - 10:27
Public Health and Social Protection

The objective of the project is to prevent and reduce forced labour, child labour and other unacceptable forms of work, and progressively eliminate the exploitation of workers, particularly migrant workers, in the Thai fishing and seafood processing sectors.

The main achievement of the project has been so far the increased dialogue between Government, Industry and unions and worker's associations and civil society. To achieve this objective the project addresses the revision of the Thai legal and regulatory framework, the enforcement of Thai labour law, industry-led capacity and accountability initiatives like the revision of the Good Labour Programme (GLP) and provision of support services to workers and their families.


Sector: Decent work

Benefiting zone: Thailand

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Key facts

Budget amount (€): 3 700 000

Duration: February 2015 – August 2018

Implementing Organisation: ILO (the International Labour Organisation)

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