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1st Call of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme Announced

07/04/2017 - 04:36

The EU funded SEA-EU-NET 2 project has just launched the first call of the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme.  

Eligible for funding are joint R&D projects designed to lead to innovative products, services or processes of significant economic and/or societal value to both Europe and Southeast Asia.

Projects must involve at least 3 partners (either 2 different Southeast Asian partners and 1 European partner or 2 different European partners and 1 Southeast Asian partner). Thematic areas for this call are:

  • Health  - Anti-microbial drug resistance; Emerging infectious diseases
  • Environment/ Climate Change  - Adaptation/Resilience of food production systems: Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems/Biodiversity 

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