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Call for proposals for small technical grants of up to 50 000 and up to 100 000 EUR in the framework of the BIOPAMA Action Component

26/12/2019 - 16:14

The European Commission is pleased to announce that the programme BIOPAMA will launch the first call for proposals for small technical grants of up to 50 000 and up to 100 000 EUR in the framework of the BIOPAMA Action Component. The funding alert has been published on the BIOPAMA portal: and the call will be open on 16 December 2019. An indicative amount allocated to this call is of EUR 2 million for six regions (West Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Caribbean, Pacific).


The BIOPMA Action Component is addressing priorities for action, supporting activities on the ground for strengthening the management effectiveness and governance of protected and conserved areas. By adopting a landscape approach, these actions will also contribute to enhancing the local livelihoods through sustainable use of the natural resources and ecosystem services, as well as increasing the resilience to the impacts of climate change.

We kindly ask you to publish the reference to this call on your website in order to increase the publicity and the visibility of the call and of the BIOPAMA Action Component.

The total envelope for the BIOPAMA Action Component is of EUR 21 million. We would like to express our thanks for your participation in the evaluation process on the Medium Grants call launched earlier this year and the valuable comments you provided. We will keep you informed about the final award decision. For this upcoming Small Technical Grants call, we will request only your non objection to shortlisted proposals in around March 2020. The BIOPAMA Action Component will launch several calls for small/ small technical /small swift grants in the coming two years. We will keep you updated and will be regularly kindly asking for publishing the information about the calls on the website of the EU Delegation.


DATE (110 calendar days)


Launch of the STG call

16 December 2019

Deadline for requesting any clarifications from the BIOPAMA AC Regional Focal points Teams

24 January

23:59 (CET)

Deadline for submission of STG proposals

4 February 2020

23:59 (CET)

Consolidated Evaluation reports sent to the Validating Committee

5 March 2020


Selection of projects by the Validating Committee to be awarded a BIOPAMA Small Technical Grant

12 March 2020*


Notification to applicants of the results

16 March 2020*

Signature of Grant Agreements

30 March 2020*


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