Delegation of the European Union to Tanzania

Ambassador Diego Ruiz-Alonso opens a series of EBRD-organized trainings

Ashgabat, 10/03/2021 - 13:19, UNIQUE ID: 210310_4
Speeches of the Ambassador

Ambassador Diego Ruiz-Alonso made opening remarks on the occasion of the launch of the series of trainings organized by EBRD. The event called “Business Diagnostics for Consulting” is a professional training series for consultants to grow their business in consulting in Turkmenistan.

"Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of any economy. Business in Turkmenistan is affected by the global pandemic situation, and this is why the work of the business consultants if so important to help business plan, forecast and react to the ongoing challenges. As part of our cooperation with the EBRD, the EU funds a special programme in Turkmenistan for development of the business consulting. We believe in the power of planning and informed decision making and for that, consulting is the key to success," mentioned Ambassador.

The overall objective of the training is to build the capacity of local consultants in Turkmenistan in order to improve the quality of business advice they deliver to local MSMEs. The participants of the training course represent consulting firms and individual consultants who use various business diagnostics tools in their professional activities.

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