Delegation of the European Union to Tanzania

Kokota - Islet of Hope

10/07/2020 - 16:39

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Kokota is a tiny island off the coast of Tanzania, home to around 500 people. For centuries, Kokota's residents subsisted by making use of available natural resources, including trees and fishing. Over the years, the deforestation had become unsustainable and the islanders faced a crisis. Fisheries were depleted and rivers ran dry, which left people with little water for cooking and drinking, forcing them to travel long  distances to bring drinking water to the island.

Kokota’s residents also faced climate change challenges largely out of their control. A changing climate resulted in rising sea levels, more erratic rainfall, and coral bleaching.

However, residents took action and the island has managed to recover. Residents started planting trees in 2008, and over the years, more than two million trees have been planted in Pemba and Kokota. Kokota also built its first school with a rainwater collecting system.

Though small, the residents have succeded to reverse unsustainable development and found ways to face challenges created by climate change.

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