Delegation of the European Union to Tanzania

EU Climate Diplomacy Week: Going green near Goulburn

18/09/2019 - 07:07

Did you know Veolia's Woodlawn Bioreactor facility near Tarago (NSW) can turn 240,000 tonnes of waste into an organic material annually?

European Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Australia joined senior students from Canberra's Narrbundah College for a site visit to the French company's impressive $100 million plant on Tuesday 24 September.

The students had an opportunity to learn more about the suite of technologies at Woodlawn (bioreactor, wind farm, agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture) and start a conversation about climate action with senior diplomats.

The visit kicks-off Climate Diplomacy Weeks (24 September to 6 October) the EU initiative shining a spotlight on global actions to address climate change.

See the pictures on the EU Delegation facebook page here.

*This is a closed event and not open to the public.



Woodlawn Bioreactor
619 Collector Rd