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The Future we Want - Climate Change Campaign “Resilience!” has kicked off in Tanzania

13/08/2021 - 12:19
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How do we want to live and how do we keep our communities clean, green and resilient?

How do we want to live and how do we keep our communities clean, green and resilient?

These are the guiding questions of the European Union Delegation to Tanzania’s Climate Change campaign, “Resilience!” The EU is at the forefront of international efforts to fight climate change and has been supporting Tanzania to address climate change, to protect the environment and ecosystems.

The EU believes in partnerships and to celebrate our partnership with Tanzania, our shared goals and values and to widen our horizons to Green New Deals, we have a whole series of events planned which will engage all parts of society from women and youth, rural and urban communities, civil society, government, development partners and the private sector. Be sure to check out our Twitter (@EUinTZ), Instagram (@euintanzania) and Facebook (@European Union in Tanzania) pages and be part of the conversation: comment, like and share!

The Resilience! campaign kicked off in May with an exhibition at the National Museum in Dar es Salaam. Beautiful portrait and landscape photographs of impactful projects were on display, showing how communities are adapting to climate change through tree planting, climate-smart agricultural practices including growing drought-resistant crops and protecting their farms from flash flooding by creating ridges between crops and many more activities.

Young people are the future and they are front and center of the campaign. Schools are being invited to the interactive exhibition, workshops, quizzes and creating designs. We want to know how young people are seeing the future in Tanzania and beyond. What do we need to be “resilient”?

Some more campaign stops include Beach Clean ups, “Designathons” working with schools to design green cities for our future followed by tree planting green community areas. A cycling event is planned and a competition that awards businesses who put the climate first by integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation practices into their business plans -  and much more!

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