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The EU Ambassador and the French Ambassador at MAKS-2021

22/07/2021 - 17:42
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On 21 July 2021 Markus Ederer, the EU Ambassador to Russia, and Pierre Lévy, the Ambassador of France in Russia, took part in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021. From the EU Delegation to Russia there was also present Laurent Bochereau, Head of Science and Technology Section. The visit was organised by the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute” and TsAGI, Russia's Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute, a long-standing participant in the EU Framework Programmes. The latter has already contributed to 17 EU-Russia joint projects, which aim at making aviation safer, faster and greener. The ambassadors had a tour of the “MAKS-2021” exhibition. The representatives TsAGI and Zhukovsky Institute also made a presentation of the recent developments based on the EU-Russia cooperation.

Aviation and aeronautics are priority areas for scientific and technological cooperation between the EU and Russia. The topics of cooperation range from reduction of air and noise pollution, increased safety in icing environments to advanced clean technologies for reaching climate neutrality. The MAKS Salon displayed a number of excellent new developments in those areas, many of which are a direct result of the ongoing EU-Russia cooperation under the EU Framework Programme "Horizon 2020" (2014-2021). The new programme “Horizon Europe” (2021-2027) will provide more opportunities for fruitful cooperation, which will make air travel safer and greener for everyone.

Photo credit: TsAGI press service

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