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4 European Union Humanitarian Air Bridge Flights, coordinated by Portugal, bring medical supplies and equipment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Guinea-Bissau

Brussels, 23/07/2020 - 09:41, UNIQUE ID: 200723_1
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On July 23, 2020, the Ambassador of the European Union, Sónia Neto, together with the High Commissioner for the Fight against COVID-19, Dr. Magda Robalo, the Ambassador of Portugal, António Alves de Carvalho, the Ambassador of France, Jean-Louis Zoël and the Spanish Chargé d'affaires a.i., Juan Manuel Lopez Urdiales, will be present at the arrival in Bissau of the first of four European Union Humanitarian Air Bridge Flights organised by Portugal. These flights will carry on board more than 45 tons of medical supplies, worth more than EUR 2 million. The cargo includes medicine, as well as laboratory and personal protection equipment for health professionals, to support Guinea-Bissau's response to COVID-19 in providing the population with better healthcare.

The European Union Humanitarian Air Bridge

The European Union finances the entire transport costs of this operation, with Portugal coordinating not only the logistics, but also the collection of donations from various partners, namely UNDP and other United Nations Agencies, the World Bank, Foundations and NGOs of Portugal, Spain and Italy, who have joined forces to address and overcome the humanitarian and health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guinea-Bissau. The European Union and its Member States are convinced that multilateralism is the right response to surmount the magnitude of the challenges of COVID-19. Our Union is our strength.

Concrete responses to the country's urgent medical needs

These Air Bridge flights meet the call of the Health Emergency Operations Centre (COES) to implement its contingency plan and support crisis management, which already has benefitted from EUR 1.3 million of EU contribution, made available through the World Health Organisation (WHO). This new wave of humanitarian aid addresses the country's immediate health needs in the face not only of the coronavirus, but also of other diseases that need urgent attention during this pandemic period, notably Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV.

Team Europe. Together we are stronger.

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The European Union Humanitarian Air Bridge aims to bring humanitarian aid to the countries affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, bringing medical equipment and humanitarian personnel to the most vulnerable populations in a context where the pandemic imposes transport and logistics restrictions. The air-bridge flights are fully funded by the European Union, for a total of 10 M Euro. The flights are operated in coordination with Member States and humanitarian organisations sending material and in cooperation with the country of destination. The Humanitarian Air Bridge is a temporary initiative which complements the logistics services of the United Nations Global Humanitarian Response Plan. More information about the Air Bridge:

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