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The EU and Taiwan kick off the Gender Equality Training Framework Programme with Gender Mainstreaming Workshop in June 2019

Taipei, 26/06/2019 - 11:53, UNIQUE ID: 190626_3
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The EU-Taiwan Gender Mainstreaming Workshop took place in Taipei from 24-26 June 2019. Participants include government officials from the EU and Taiwan, as well as Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Participants exchanged views on gender mainstreaming strategies.

The EU and Taiwan continue to collaborate on the promotion of gender equality and human rights. In 2015, the EU-Taiwan Gender Equality Seminar was the beginning of the bilateral exchanges on gender issues. During the first EU-Taiwan Human Rights Consultations, held in March 2018, the EU and Taiwan set up a three-year framework programme on gender equality cooperation and training, with Taiwan being the regional hub, connecting the EU with countries in East and Southeast Asia. This framework programme kicked off with the Gender Mainstreaming Workshop in June 2019, and will continue with an EU-Taiwan LGBTI Seminar in October 2019.

The three-day Gender Mainstreaming Workshop concluded on 26 June gave a focus on the strategies to strengthen gender mainstreaming promotion mechanism. Participants each shared their own experiences and best practices, such as online gender analysis tools in New Zealand, gender mainstreaming evaluation framework in the Philippines, workplace gender equality strategies in Australia, and gender mainstreaming policies in Thailand. Each country has their own roadmap for gender mainstreaming, which was worth sharing and learning. Taiwan shared their gender impact assessment, and received positive feedback from the participants.

The Workshop has helped the participants to generate more policy ideas for developing their own gender mainstreaming tools and strategies in their own countries. The EU and Taiwan will continue to work together to promote gender equality and human rights in Asia, including hosting the future training events under the gender equality cooperation framework programme.   


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