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17/05/2016 - 15:43
About us - structure and organisation

Head of Office

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) in Taipei, Taiwan. EETO was established in 2003 and 16 Member States of the European Union currently have offices in Taipei.

The EU has solid overall relations with Taiwan. In particular, Taiwan and the EU have a healthy trade and economic relationship - Taiwan being the EU’s 7th largest trading partner in Asia and the EU being Taiwan’s 5th largest market. However, products originating in Taiwan but assembled in mainland China or South East Asia do not appear in our bilateral trade statistics. The EU as a final market is, in other words, more important for Taiwan than what the direct trade statistics show. The EU is also Taiwan's largest source of foreign investment.

The European Business and Regulatory Cooperation Programme (EBRC) in Taiwan is fully funded by the EU and managed by the EETO, with the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) as implementing partner. The key objective of EBRC is to improve regulatory cooperation between the EU and Taiwan, and enhance visibility and projection in Taiwan of European excellence. By advocating EU regulatory principles in areas such as government procurement, IPR, food safety, technical standards, pharmaceuticals, EBRC helps to pave the way for sustainable engagement and cooperation between Europe and Taiwan. Through seminars and events organised jointly with competent Taiwanese authorities, conferences and stand-alone events at trade fairs, EBRC provides concrete support to the bilateral EU-Taiwan trade policy agenda.

What started out as a purely economic relationship has evolved over the years to become a stronger relationship in a whole range of sectors where the EU and Taiwan share common opportunities or challenges, such as interdependence through global supply chains, protection of the environment and the fight against climate change, research and technological development, the information society, as well as education and culture.

You can discover more about the EU under the sections "What's the EU?". For more details about the EU's presence and activities in Taiwan, look under section "Taiwan & the EU", or download our annual EU-Taiwan Factfile 

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Finally, I wish you an informative and pleasant visit to our website and hope that you will visit it often!

Madeleine Majorenko, Head of Office


Madeleine Majorenko
Head of Office

Phone: (02) 2757 7211



Thomas Juergensen
Deputy Head of Office & Head of Trade Section

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Elisabeth Avramova

Head of Administration Section

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