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European Union paid 24.8 million euro budget support grant to help mitigate COVID-19 impact

17/07/2020 - 10:40

A 24.8 million euro was received by the treasury account of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic last week from the European Union as budget support grants for education and social protection sectors.

These are the frontloaded payments out of a EUR 36 million allocated for the EU-funded COVID-19 support package for the Kyrgyz Republic. The aim is to help the Kyrgyz Government mitigate the COVID-19 social-economic impact and finance utmost important measures. The precise breakdown of expenditures in KGS can be found below.

To remind, the EU support package for Kyrgyzstan consists of budget support totalling to EUR 30.8 million and EUR 5.2 million reallocated from budgets of ongoing projects to cover urgent needs related to COVID-19. The remaining EUR 6 million from budget support are currently negotiated by the sides.

The EU support package was developed in the framework of the Team Europe approach, the EUR 20 billion initiative of  the EU, its Member States and European development banks aimed at supporting partners around the world in their fight with COVID-19.

1. Transfers to the Health Insurance Fund in the amount of KGS 1.356 billion to finance 230 healthcare organizations:

- to pay salaries to 71,631 medical workers providing care to people with COVID-19 for July (KGS 490 million in total);

- to purchase medical equipment, personal protective equipment, to support disinfection (KGS 640.9 million);

- to purchase medicines and medical supplies (KGS 205.4 million);

- to buy food products (KGS 5.7 million);

- to buy insulin and insulin-containing drugs (KGS 4 million).

2. To pay salaries to 7,472 medical workers of the Ministry of Health providing care to people with COVID-19 for July (KGS 57.5 million).

3. To pay benefits to 210,835 people for July 2020 (KGS 387 million).

4. Transfers to the Social Fund to pay pensions to 30,684 pensioners for July 2020 (KGS 178.4 million).

5. Timely payment of salaries to 17,915 education workers for July 2020 (KGS 137.1 million).

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