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14/06/2020 - 20:27
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Brussels IV Conference

In the framework of the Brussels Conferences for Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, non-governmental and civil society organisations from Syria, the region and beyond, usually prepare and share with the Conference organisers a great deal of reports, policy papers and advocacy statements.

This year, a specific online repository has been created by the EU to make those reports available to the public.

The material below is listed in the order they were received. The repository will be updated as new contributions are received.

The reports and other materials listed in this repository do not reflect the views of the European Union, and their content is the sole responsibility of the non-governmental and civil society organisations that have submitted them.


1. Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization: The Emergence and Development of the Kurdish Political Movement in Syria

2. Syrian Legal Development Programme: PDF iconMay News Roundup

3. Bonyan Organization: PDF iconStory of education available in PDF iconArabic too

4. PAX: COVID-19 Lebanon; PDF iconBrussels Briefing final 2905; Policy Brief Syria HLP 2020; PDF iconBrussels IV PAX Recommendations

5. GIZ: GIZ Turkey New Country Brochure; PDF iconGIZ_Providing_Multiservices_Community_Centres; GIZ_srhc_brochure

6. Maya Vafki: PDF iconTrauma Informed schools

7. Sadad Humanitarian Organization: PDF iconSadad Humanitarian Organization

8. ASAM & MUDM: PDF iconasam_covid_sectoral analysis report_may_2020; PDF iconasam_activity_report_2019; MUDEM_COVID_SITUATION ANALYSIS; PDF iconMUDEM_Social Impact Report 2019

9. Oper Tayf: PDF iconOper Tayf Report

10. Soryana Women Forum: PDF iconAn overview of the educational-health-living-media reality in light of the Corona pandemic in the Syrian government areas

11. Syrian Civilization Foundation: FileCoordination Committee Meeting - Principles and Recommendations; FileSupporting the return of the people - the minutes of the first workshop; FileDraft: protection from sexual harrasment and abuse; FileFactsheet; FileThe outputs of the workshop promoting women in Syrian society (in Arabic)

12. Lebanon Humanitarian INGO Forum: PDF iconTaking on the Triple Crisis

13. CARE International: Women’s Experience of the new normal; Understanding resilience; MENA Rapid Gender Analysis on COVID-19

14. Syrian National Democratic Opposition: PDF icon28-mjm_lshbb_lltdryb_lmhny_wd_lthyl_wlbn_wltgyyr.pdfPDF iconYouth complex for vocational training, rehabilitation, construction and change; PDF iconSupporting livelihoods and economic recovery in Syria and the region (in Arabic)

15. SLDP Syrian Legal Development Programme: PDF iconPolicy Brief- The Role of Syrian Businesses in Conflict_Related Human Rights Abuses; PDF iconPolicy Brief- HLP Rights_Migration_and Business Activity in Syria

16. The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL): PDF iconSJIP Covid-19 Report

17. OXFAM: Into the unknown: listening to Syria’s displaced in the search for durable solutions

18. Geneva Call: GC Covid-19 Advocacy; PDF iconGeneva Call in Syria

19. World Vision: Stolen Future-War and Child Marriage in Northwest Syria

20. Norwegian People's Aid: FileSyria Position Paper Brussels IV Conference June 2020; PDF iconAnnex II_Letter from NWS organisations to Brussels Conference; FileUpdated list of the 124 NGOs who signed the letter of 93; PDF iconAnnex I_Letter from 124 NES organisations to Brussels Conference; PDF iconAnnex III_Survey about Syrian youth priorities for Brussels Conference conducted by NWS actors

21. Door Beyond War: PDF iconGrassroots recommendation letter prepared by youth of change network

22. Together For Algarnya Organization: PDF iconProfile for TFJ; PDF iconBasic needs for Raqqa Province

23. Airwars: PDF iconCredibility-Gap-Airwars-submission-to-UK-Parlt-Defence-Select-Committee-Sept-2018; PDF icon2019 Annual Report

24. Syrians for Truth and Justice: Following-Operation-Peace-Spring-Thousands-of-Tons-of-Grain-Seized-as-Spoils-of-War; Child-Recruitment-by-Parties-to-Conflict-in-Syria-a-Lasting-Phenomenon

25. International Rescue Committee: A Decade In Search of Work: A review of policy commitments for Syrian refugees’ livelihoods in Jordan and Lebanon; Into the unknown: listening to Syria’s displaced in the search for durable solutions; Letter on cross border by CEOs; UN Security Council Must Act to Ensure Syrians are not Deprived of Lifesaving Aid Amidst Global Pandemic; Joint NGO Statement: Urgent Action is needed by the U.N. Security Council to ensure aid reaches North East Syria

26. SPARK: PDF iconSurvey report COVID impact on small businesses

27. IMPACT: Invisible sanctions: how over-compliance limits humanitarian work on Syria (available in Arabic too)

28. Tevna Kurdi: Brussels Conference B4C Hopes and Challenges for the Future (available in Arabic too)

29. ALEF - act for human rights & PASC WG Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis Working Group: PDF iconPASC Brief - Child Protection; PDF iconPASC Brief - Forced Evictions; PDF iconPASC Brief - Deportations; PDF iconPASC Brief - Right to Work

30. AVSI Foundation: PDF iconMiddle East_Position Paper

31. Baytna: PDF iconBaytna's Partner recommendations

32. Voices of the Displaced Syrians Forum: PDF iconInto the Unknown_NGO Durable Solutions Report; PDF iconFinal_Syrian CIV SOC paper on Displacement and Solution for B4C; PDF iconVDSF COVID statement

33. No Lost Generation: PDF iconInvitation NLG event 29-06; PDF iconNLG - ADVOCACY BRIEF

34. Reseach Center for Cooperation and Peace Building: Syria should be divided into three zones of foreign influence; PDF iconOases of peace and prosperity in war torn Syria; UN-run safe zones could offer way out of Syria conflict

35. Caesar Families: Statement from the Caesar Families

36. Jordan INGO Forum: PDF iconJordan Civil Society consultations report for BC4; PDF iconWalk the Talk June 2020