Delegazione dell'Unione europea in Svizzera
e per il Principato del Liechtenstein


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In occasione della Giornata della giustizia penale internazionale l’UE ribadisce il suo impegno a favore della lotta contro l’impunità per i crimini più gravi e per le violazioni del diritto internazionale umanitario.

Our planet faces numerous climate challenges. The adverse effects of climate change are felt all over the world and pose a great threat to the environment and people. Also, they could undermine both the development gains made over many decades and the prospects for achieving the UN's 2030 agenda, the sustainable development goals which all EU countries have signed up to.

In 2017 every 2 seconds one person was forced to flee their home due to war, persecution or violence. With millions of people in need on a record high the European Union continues its work with partners around the world to address the humanitarian challenges and to provide long-term support. Last year, €2 billion of the EU's humanitarian budget was allocated to help displaced people and host communities in 49 countries. And EU Member States have granted protection to more than 538 000 people.