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Another successful EU Bushfire primary schools festival

30/05/2018 - 16:25
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It was yet another successful event as the European Union hosted the third edition of the annual EU Bushfire primary schools festival.

This colourful event, which took place on 24 May 2018 at House on Fire in Malkerns, was a prelude to the internationally-acclaimed MTN Bushfire 2018 music festival held on 25 – 27 May 2018 featuring an array of international music stars and attracting more than 20 000 fans from across the globe.

As in the previous years, this EU primary schools day attracted about 600 pupils from various schools around Swaziland.

As is the norm in such an event, the kids excelled in the various languages of art as they displayed an array of art performances that included music, traditional and modern dances as well as poetry. Even children young as five years took part in the event and showcased their skills.

The theme for the event was Child Social Protection which was linked to one of the EU-funded projects in Swaziland.

The event, also held in the context of Europe Day and EU visibility in Swaziland, was graced by the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Paul Dlamini, EU Ambassador to Swaziland, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, the Minister of Education, Phineas Magagula as well as other dignitaries.

Speaking before the start of the event, EU Ambassador, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, emphasized the importance of arts and culture in human and social development, saying art helps to shape societies as well as contribute significantly to enhancing people's creativity. For the children, she said, art will help shape their future as well as unlock their potential as they discover themselves through the many languages of art.

Hernandez Aragones added that the EU was proud to have supported this event for the last three years. She said the event has grown from strength to strength and continues to do so.

Hernandez Aragones went on to say that the theme for the event (Child Social Protection) was relevant as it talks to the need for Swazi society to protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. She said children have to grow in an environment that is safe, caring and loving.

Speaking on the same occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister, Paul Dlamini, appreciated the EU's support to children's arts through the Bushfire schools festival and said this was a good platform to empower the children through the many languages of art.

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