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Speaking on 10 January 2018 during the launch of the Women's Conference of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) at Caritas in Manzini, Ambassador Hernandez Aragones said women cannot afford to leave everything to men to lead the campaign for gender equality. But women should demonstrate their seriousness in the matters of gender equality and empowerment by being in the forefront of the campaign.

"It should not be a struggle about us but rather a struggle for us and with us," said the Ambassador.

She then congratulated TUCOSWA for launching the Women's Conference which is a platform whereby women will be able to influence decision-making in the trade union movement and leadership.

Ambassador Hernandez Aragones said in Swaziland and elsewhere the active participation of women in the trade union movement has historically been low. She said women have been under-represented at all levels of trade union leadership and decision-making

"This has not been in any way due to the lack of skill or ability among women, but rather a direct result of gender inequalities in our societies," she said.

The Ambassador then said that the European Union would always support programmes and initiatives that aim to help women benefit from education and healthcare and to work and live free from violence and discrimination thus assuming their rightful place in society.

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