Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

European Union Agrees on EUR 70 million for the Sudan Family Support Programme (SFSP)

Khartoum, 28/02/2021 - 10:12, UNIQUE ID: 210228_3
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Following the launch of the Sudan Family Support Programme (SFSP) by the Transitional Government last Wednesday 24 February, the European Union agreed on Thursday with the World Bank on the second part of the EU contribution to this programme, to an amount of EUR 70 million (85 Million USD).

The first part, amounting to EUR 93 million (110 Million USD) was already agreed on 27 September of last year.

Together with other EU member states’ contributions, this brings the total TEAM EUROPE contribution to the SFSP to 310 million Euros. (375 Million USD).

Ambassador Robert van den Dool. Head of Delegation of the European Union to Sudan was quoted saying: “The Sudan Family Support Program is one of the crucial components of the reform programme of the transitional government, as it aims to cushion the economic effects of these reforms for the most vulnerable Sudanese families.

The EU stands firmly behind the transitional government in implementing these reforms and is proud to support the SFSP which such a substantial contribution.”

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