Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

EU Intervention at the 42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Brussels, 02/10/2019 - 14:03, UNIQUE ID: 191002_6
Speeches of the Ambassador

Mr. President,

The EU commends the signing of the Constitutional Declaration Document in Sudan on 17 August, the formation of a new civilian Government, and the start of the transitional process which will hopefully lead Sudan into peaceful, democratic future, with respect and promotion of Human Rights at its core.

The European Union commends the people of Sudan, in particular its women and youth, who stood peacefully but firm to have their voice heard. Their aspirations should continue to guide all those who will now take responsibility of the governance of the transition. We deplore the loss of life in the months of protests and human
rights violations including arbitrary arrests and severe violations committed by the security forces against civilians. We are confident that the new civilian Government will address past abuses and restore adequate guarantees of freedom.

If all relevant Sudanese parties join to implement in good faith the agreement as it stands, it bears the potential to improve the Human Rights situation for generations to come. Unity of all Sudanese people and political forces is essential to make progress on political reconciliation and reforms.

Mr. Nononsi,
In your report you give detailed accounts of the human rights situation in Sudan during the months of protest, culminating in the attack on the sit-in in the night of the 3rd of June which resulted in the loss of life of more than 100 people, including 2 children. The past injustice, both recent and otherwise, must be addressed, and justice must be done to the victims.

We second your call for a fully mandated OHCHR country presence that would contribute to monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation country-wide and provide technical cooperation. The EU stands ready to support the transitional government and the future OHCHR office with technical assistance in hopes this will contribute to broader efforts at reconciliation and respect for human rights.

What measures need to be taken to ensure that this process not only includes the capital Khartoum, but also Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan? And what can be done to ensure an independent investigation into the violence during the protests, including the events on the 3rd of June?

Thank you.

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