Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

European Union Delegation Announcement

15/09/2019 - 12:25
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The Delegation of the European Union in Sudan coordinates with European Union's resident member states to achieve a common and cohesive policy on Sudan.

To realize this policy, the European Union and EU resident Embassies in close contact with many Sudanese political actors including government officials, political parties, youth, civil society, women leaders, human rights defenders, victims of violations, IDPs and ordinary Sudanese people and citizens.

The Delegation takes note of some political groups and media outlets which are aiming to portray those meetings as a form of EU political support.

The EU Delegation is not responsible to any statements or photos or videos issued by third parties that
express the EU positions and policies on Sudan.

All the EU official positions and policies are published on the official website, facebook and twitter page.

Link to the website:
Twitter: EU in Sudan
Facebook Page: European Union in Sudan

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