Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

New EU Health Project

18/11/2018 - 09:34, UNIQUE ID: 181118_4


New EU Health Project

"Strengthening resilience for refugees, IDPs and host communities in Eastern Sudan"

EURO 12 million

The project aims to strengthen the health system in Sudan to better deliver health services to the population. It supports the National Health Policy 2017-2030 towards achieving the Sustainable Development 3 Goal on Health, particularly the target on Universal Health Coverage. It targets host communities, migrants, refugees and IDPs at Locality level in Eastern Sudan.

The project will implement:

  • Emergency Obstetric Care. Communities will be mobilised to raise awareness on gender-based discrimination in health services in order to improve Mother and Child Health; 
  • support prevention and early detection of malnutrition, further strengthen Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition, supplementary feeding centres and micronutrients supplement protocols; 
  • support medicines supply through the National Medical Supplies Fund and promote the rational use of medicines; 
  • expand health insurance coverage particularly of the most vulnerable people and support the ccreditation of health facilities to the National Health Insurance Fund; 
  • strengthen national programs to increase womens' health and mitigate Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer through early detection programs.

The project covers 5 localities in the 3 Eastern States: in Kassala Girba and Kassala Urban, in Gedaref, Al Fashega and Basoonda, and in Red Sea, Port Sudan. The selected places are characterised by poor health indicators and an increasing presence of refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants. Port Sudan is also a destination of forced urban migration, the project will support quarters where there is a strong influx of Internally Displaced People from Tokar and Agig. These people have moved to Port Sudan, not because of conflict, but because the lack of water and climate change threaten and destroy their ivelihoods.

The project will be implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

(Delegation of the European Union in Sudan, 14/11/18)

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