Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

Technical assistance and capacity-building to improve human rights in the Sudan

Bruxelles, 22/10/2018 - 15:18, UNIQUE ID: 181022_9

Human Rights Council 39th session – Item 10

Resolution L.24 as orally revised

Technical assistance and capacity-building to improve human rights in the Sudan

General Comment Mr. President, I have the honour of taking the floor on behalf of the European Union. We would like to thank the African Group and the Government of Sudan for presenting this resolution to the Human Rights Council. We commend the commitment of the Government of Sudan to work to improve the situation of human rights in Sudan and hope that this resolution will help address some of the most pressing human rights concerns, including cases of arbitrary arrest, detention and torture, harassment of civil society, political opponents and the media, restrictions on freedom of religion or belief as well as violence and discrimination against women Whilst the resolution before us does indeed refer to some of these human rights concerns, we do however believe that the resolution could have gone further in presenting a more balanced and perhaps more accurate view of the complete situation of human rights in the Sudan. Furthermore, despite the fact that some investigations into human rights violations and abuses have been undertaken, much more needs to be done to hold all perpetrators to account. We would have

therefore appreciated a stronger emphasis on Sudan’s commitment towards fighting impunity in the text. Mr President We strongly welcome the renewal of the mandate of the Independent Expert. Moreover, a fully mandated and operational office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights could help to improve the situation on the ground and could be a viable alternative to the mandate of the independent expert at an appropriate time. But there must be no vacuum between one starting and the other ending. The mandate of the OHCHR must be full, with their independence protected. We encourage the Government to work constructively with OHCHR in paving the way towards opening a country office. The EU stands ready to support where and when we can. Thank you.

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