Delegation of the European Union to Sudan

European Union coordinates humanitarian and development actions in Sudan

26/09/2017 - 07:56
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Ambassador Jean-Michel Dumond hosted a reception to welcome a delegation of European experts and advisors who participated at a workshop in Khartoum about coordinating the humanitarian and development actions in Sudan.


The workshop was attended by 50 experts from the European Union, Embassies of the Member States of the

European Union, and the UNDP. The objective of the workshop is to discuss the nexus between sustainable

development and humanitarian action and the need to move from crisis containment to a long-term approach.

Ambassador Jean-Michel Dumond said the objective of the workshop is to review the current EU programs, define the common priorities and the possible future actions. The European Union diplomat added that the conclusion of the workshop is important to help the European Union to address important challenges like displacement, malnutrition, gender equality, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty reduction, governance and accountability in Sudan.


Ambassador Jean-Michel Dumond reminded that declining number of international donors which will reflect on the available amounts of development and humanitarian aid, the European Union and its member states need to coordinate better their development and humanitarian aid in Sudan and other countries. We need to make sure we work in accord with other countries, international organizations and UN agencies.


Khartoum, 25 September 2017