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13/05/2016 - 17:26
About us - structure and organisation

Ambassador Robert van den Dool, is appointed as the new European Union Ambassador and head of Delegation of the European Union to Sudan.

Mr. Robert is a 54 years old diplomat from Netherlands. He is specialized in Macro Economics, Development, Public Finance Management and is a career diplomat for 28 years in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Mr. Robert served as a Dutch diplomat in Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, South Sudan and Ivory Coast. He was the Director of IT, at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Robert worked as an Economic Advisor to the Directorate-General for International Co-operation in Netherlands in 1991. He was the former Dutch Ambassador to South Sudan and Ivory Coast.  

After submitting his credentials to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Interim Sovereign Council of the Republic of the Sudan, Mr. Robert van den Dool will begin his mandate to improve the Sudanese- European Union relations. 


The role of the EU Delegation in the Sudan is to:

  1. Ensure the representation of the European Union to Sudan in the areas set out in the EU Treaty of Lisbon.
  2. Ensures the follow-up of bilateral relations in the areas of political, economic, humanitarian and development cooperation (financial and technical).
  3. Promote and defend the values and interests of the EU through monitoring human rights, continue development cooperation and promote humanitarian assistance in the Sudan.
  4. Coordinate with Member States’ embassies in the fields of EU competencies like political, development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and human rights, consular and administrative areas.
  5. Reports back to Headquarters on all matters of interest to EU policies
  6. Maintains the visibility, awareness and understanding of the EU

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the web page of the Delegation of the European Union to Sudan.   This site is here to help you better understand our mission, role and activities in the country.

In December 2018, the people of Sudan went to the streets asking for change.  We, Europeans, want to support this aspiration to liberty. The Europeans want the people of Sudan to succeed. We want their call for liberty to be heard, and to translate it into real change for a country that has already suffered too much.

We want to see a true and peaceful transition in Sudan.  Our first priority must be to prevent further violence and the spread of conflict to all the regions of Sudan and the region of horn of Africa which is deeply interconnected with each other.

The European Union will stand with the Sudanese people to open the way for a peaceful, credible and inclusive political process that will address the Sudanese people’s demand for political and economic reforms.

As a head of Delegation, this peaceful transition requires me to meet as many Sudanese stakeholders as possible from all backgrounds, to exchange views, listen and learn about their aspirations and hopes for tomorrow.  In parallel, I will continue to cooperate and coordinate with the neighbors of Sudan, regional actors including the African Union, League of Arab States, Gulf States and our international partners including the United States of America and the United Nations.  

Most important, I will continue to coordinate positions with the EU member States and institutions to ensure we have one voice, genuine efforts and programs that will contribute to building peace, to achieve national reconciliation through inclusive dialogue and to strengthen respect for human rights.  In parallel, eradication of poverty, strengthen food security; address the root causes for irregular migration, health and education are few of the key areas for the EU development assistance to Sudan.  

I read a lot about the Sudanese hospitability, rich culture, heritage and tolerance.  I want to embark on this journey together. May I also invite you to share with the EU Delegation your feedback about how we can make this website more informative. 

You are welcome to interact with us on Facebook and Twitter as I intend to publish frequent Q&A and articles on Sudan.

Thank you,

Robert Van den Dool

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The Delegation of the European Union is a fully accredited diplomatic mission to the Republic of the Sudan. The diplomatic mission is typically known as a "Delegation", and the head of the Delegation is known as an "Ambassador". It is one of 135 other Delegations around the world that represent the European Union.

The Delegation to Sudan consists of staff members from European and Sudanese nationalities. The task of the staff is to assure the best representation of the European Union towards the Republic of the Sudan.

The organization of the Delegation is as follows:

Robert van den DOOL
Head of Delegation
Contact Personal Assistant

Mr. Daniel WEISS
Deputy Head of Mission and the Head of Political, Press and Information Section
Contact: + 249 183 799393 (ext 121)

Ms. Elisabeth ROUSSET
Head of Cooperation
Contact: + 249 183 799393 (ext 324 and 021)

Dr. Christopher KNAUTH
Team Leader for Cooperation
Cooperation Section
Contact: + 249 183 799393 (ext 324 and 021)

Ms. Delphine MARIÉ
Team Leader for the Governance/Human Rights/Migration/Economic affairs
Cooperation Section
Contact: + 249 183 799393 (ext 324 and 021)

Mr. Johannus WELTEN
Head of Finance and Contracts
Contact: +249 183 799393 (ext 530)

Head of Office, European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO)
Contact: + 249 183 591962 and 183596596 and 183581189 and 183596597

Mr. Corvin Robert VLADOIANU
Head of Administration
Contact: +249 183 799393 (ext 529 and 555)

Mr. Fouad HIKMAT
European Union Special Representative Office
Contact: +249 183 799393 (ext 122)

Public Affairs Advisor
Contact directly

The Press and Media in the EU Delegation is managed by the team of the Political, Press and Communication Section.  We provide the following assistance:

  1. Organize press interviews, conferences and meetings
  2. Organize public diplomacy events and activities
  3. Issue and distribute press statements and releases
  4. Manage the website and the social media pages
  5. Promote and distribute the EU visibility in Sudan 

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You can WhatsApp the Press Desk (Media issues only): + 249 9 900905577

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