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A home of one’s own

24/02/2020 - 11:32
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Adaikkan Rajeshwary and her elderly parents lived in temporary shelters during the war after losing their home and land. Rajeshwary’s new home was jointly constructed by Habitat for Humanity-International Europe branch, Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka, and World Vision Sri Lanka through an owner-driven housing project called “Homes not Houses” funded by the European Union. This is the story of how Rajeshwary and her family built their new home.

Rajeshwary lives in the Puthukudirippu village, Mullaitivu District with her parents Parama Adaikkan and Valli Amma. Like many Sri Lankans in the north and east, the war forced Rajeshwary and her family to leave their home and move into temporary shelters.


After war’s end, Rajeshwary was selected to benefit from the Homes not Houses project by the Mullaitivu District Secretariat.


The owner-driven construction model allowed Rajeshwary to be an active participant and decision-maker in the construction of her home.


Securing her own home has allowed Rajeshwary to also focus on her home garden to which she has also recently added a hen coop.


Owning her own home was an important step for Rajeshwary and her family in rebuilding their lives, post-conflict.