Delegation of the European Union to South Sudan

Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini upon arrival at the European Council

Bruxelles, 19/03/2015 - 01:00, UNIQUE ID: 150319_02
Statements by the HR/VP

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We will have a discussion tonight on Ukraine and Russia with the Heads of State and Government. What I can tell you now is obviously that any kind of decision will have to be taken only on the basis of the situation on the ground, as we have already said several times, and only linked to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements in full.

We will also have a discussion with the Prime Ministers and Presidents on the situation in Libya. I will report on the discussions and the decisions that have been taken by the Foreign Ministers on Monday and present different contributions that European Union is giving to the process of dialogue. I've just talked about that with Bernardino Leon. The dialogue among different parties in Libya is starting again today in Rabat and we are doing our part in hosting next week a meeting of mayors who are already on their way to Brussels. In this way we hope we will manage to give to the Libyan people, and also to the region, a future not of war and violence, but of stability and peace. We see how much this is needed in the region.

I just spoke this morning with the Prime Minister of Tunisia, to give him all the support of the European Union and of the European people, not only in terms of security and measures against these terrorist attacks, but also in support of the economic and democratic transition that the country is going through.

The people of Tunisia – and especially the young people of Tunisia – have to know that the European Union is fully with them to give them a future of hope, a future full of – we hope – good things, not violence. And the fact that Tunisia is attacked is a sign against democracy; it is a sign against the future of the region. And this is another reason for supporting Tunisia.

I was just in this building two days ago, with the Tunisian Foreign Minister, signing important agreements on our cooperation and we will strengthen it even more now.

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