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Eco-friendly European Organic Food and Beverages in Seoul EU Gateway ‘Organic Food and Beverage Exhibition’ to be held in December

Seoul, 20/11/2020 - 07:15, UNIQUE ID: 201120_2
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Eco-friendly European Organic Food and Beverages in Seoul

EU Gateway ‘Organic Food and Beverage Exhibition’[1] to be held in December


The EU Gateway '2020 Organic Food and Beverage Exhibition', where industry professionals can discover some of the finest European organic processed foods and beverages in one place, is scheduled to take place on December 1-2 at the Seoul COEX Intercontinental Hotel (Harmony Ballroom).

The exhibition is planned as an ‘OnTact’ event where visitors can to hold 1:1 business meetings online with representatives of the European companies, supported by professional interpreters, while also having the opportunity to sample products on site.

The event will showcase a variety of processed organic food and beverages including fruits and vegetables, bakery items, sauces, dressings and seasonings, oils, snacks, spreads, non-dairy yoghurts, wine and spirits, juices and other beverages. For those pursuing a more restricted diet or specific regimen, many of the products are not only organic but also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Many of the featured products have also received awards for quality and taste.

Among the exhibits are superfoods made from fruits grown on organic farms in Europe, sugar-free and additives-free berry products, 100% organic juices and jams free from colouring and preservatives, organic fruit and plant powder free from maltodextrin; and organic birch sap flavoured with wild Arctic berries - all products that make the most of natural ingredients and flavours without using harmful additives. The event also features organic products grown using Bio Dynamic farming methods, organic yogurt (non-dairy) and gluten-free snack bars made with cheese, coconut and oats, vegan crackers and organic chocolates, and other healthy and delicious desserts that everyone can enjoy. Also showcased are world-class European organic olive oils, pasta, authentic Mediterranean sauces and wine vinegars, as well as award-winning organic wines and premium spirits.

The event is being held as part of the EU Gateway to Korea that promotes business cooperation between Korean and European companies. Domestic companies wishing to have one-on-one business meeting with European companies at the 2020 Organic Food and Beverage Exhibition are requested to register on the website ( Detailed inquiries about the exhibition and business meetings can be made via phone (02-6000-4357/02-709-4074) or email (


[1] Depending on local COVID-19 situation and restrictions.

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