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EU Delegation to RoK Newsletter - 17 June, 2020

09/06/2020 - 04:24
EU Delegation to South Korea - Newsletter

Winner of 10 Years of EU-RoK Strategic Partnership Celebration Logo Design Competition

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to the Republic of Korea (RoK) organised a logo design competition in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the EU-RoK Strategic Partnership. The logo above was selected as the final winner. The bilateral relations between the EU and South Korea evolved into a strategic partnership in 2010 with the signing of an upgraded Framework Agreement and Free Trade Agreement(FTA). EU and the RoK continue to expand cooperation in the areas of politics, security and trade.

EU Gateway to Korea to hold 'No Contact' B2B event on Contemporary European Design on 21-22 July

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU Gateway to Korea Business Mission Exhibition on Contemporary European Design showcasing Europe's design trends will be held as a 'No Contact' B2B event. Small- and medium-sized companies from European countries, which manufacture and/or distribute interior design products, will introduce their products and hold business consultations with Korean counterparts through video meetings. When you visit the exhibition at Dynasty Ball Room at Shilla Hotel, you can see real products, digital materials, brochures and catalogues in the design gallery, and have video conference meetings with respective European companies. 

Video meetings with European counterpars should be scheduled in advance and they will take place between 13:30 and 19:00 on both days on 21 and 22 July.  To register your attendance, click here. 

[EU-Korea Climate Action Webinar] European Green Deal : An Oppotunity for Green Economic Recovery after COVID-19

In December 2019, the EU presented the "European Green Deal" as a new growth strategy. Due to the current health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19, there is a growing interest in learning more about key measures and initiatives liked to the 'European Green Deal.' The Webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss the 'European Green Deal' as the core for green economic recovery and its implications on the Korean Green (New) Deal.' Click the picture on the left and register for the online event now!  Click here for registrtaion

Watch again: Climate Talk and Net Zero 2050

On 9 June 2020 at 16:00 (KST) / 09:00 (CST), Michael Reiterer, Ambassadoro of the EU to the RoK attended the 'Climate Talk and Net Zero 2050' event  co-organised by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)(link is external) and the Embassy of the Netherlands to the RoK in order to foster international collaboration and action on climate(link is external) change in the RoK. Watch it again here.

Press Release: Korea-EU Economic Roundtable Luncheon hosted by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance Hong Nam-ki

On 11 June 2020, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance Hong Nam-ki hosted a luncheon gathering the Ambassadors of the EU Member States, and EU Ambassador Michael Reiterer, at the Four Seasons hotel. This Korea-EU Economic Roundtable Luncheon is held annually, and this was the second edition. Deputy Prime Minister Hong gave a presentation about Korea’s health and economic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by an extensive Q/A session. Read more

EU Ambassador to RoK Visits Iksan City, North Jeolla Province

EU Ambassador to Korea Michael Reiterer visited Iksan yesterday and met with Mayor of Iksan Mr Jeong Heon-yul to promote the European Green Deal and the EU’s International Urban Cooperation programme. He also learned about Iksan’s Korean New Deal projects related to expanding the supply of renewable energy. Ambassador Reiterer also visited the National Food Cluster, Hanpoong Nature Pharm and Wonkwang University. He delivered a lecture on international relations in the post COVID-19. See more photos here.

Time #ForNature – The time is now

Protect Biodiversity bee flower

Biodiversity is the root of all life, both on land and below water. It has an impact on human health, providing the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, natural disease resistance, medicines, as well as climate change mitigation. The emergence of COVID-19 has proved that when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy the system that supports human life. Nature is sending us a message. Aptly, this year’s theme for World Environment Day is biodiversity – a concern that is both urgent and existential. Protecting nature and reversing degradation to ecosystems is at the heart of the EU Green Deal and is the rationale for the new EU biodiversity strategy for 2030. Read more

EU Delegation to RoK Celebrates DUO Day 2020

This year again, the EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea (RoK) organised a "Duo Day" event, inviting 2 university students with disabilities, Mr LEE Juyoung, left, and Mr LEE Jechul, right, to experience a day in working with the European Union. Not only did they discover the varied work and the important role of the European Union in the RoK to uphold our shared values and move forward with the EU-RoK relations, they were also able to apply their skills through practical hands-on working experiences. Read more

EU Ambassador to RoK Holds Leading Experts Seminar at KIEP

Michael Reiterer, Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to the Republic of Korea (RoK), visited the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) on Thursday, May 21 to hold a meeting with Acting President Chung Chul and share his insights during a Leading Experts Seminar (LES). The LES was held to discuss ways to respond to the COVID-19 crisis along with Europe's Green Deal and sustainable finance. Ambassador Reiterer said many countries are expected to step up investment to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. In the process, he stated investments should be made in climate-friendly, social and economic recovery projects for the future, such as the European Green Deal. Read more

Statement by Ambassador Reiterer on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

As May 17 marks the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT), the European Union pays tribute to human diversity in all its richness, and the right of every human person to be proud of who they are, to define their own identity and to choose to be with the ones they love. As the world is focused on efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever is the time for solidarity. We are in this together. #IgoRainbow and you?

TV Interview of EU Ambassador to Korea Michael Reiterer

The EU Ambassador to the RoK Michael Reiterer spoke about the EU and the Republic of Korea's response to the COVID-19 crisis and areas of cooperation, along with their relations in the areas of politics, economy and society. Watch it again

Watch again: RoK's top classical musicians perform on Europe Day 2020

In celebration of the Europe Day 2020, which is also the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, the Republic of Korea’s top classical musicians from Europe and Korea - flutist Jasmine Choi, cellist Sung-won Yang, violinist Soojin Han and pianist Tae-hyung Kim - performed music that could reunite us in distance. Those who have missed it on the Europe Day can watch it again here.

Europe Day Commemorates the European Peace Project

May 9 marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration’. At a speech in Paris in 1950, Robert Schuman, the then French foreign minister, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable. Schuman’s proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union. In recognition of such, May 9 is designated as Europe Day, a day which celebrates peace and unity in Europe. In this webinar, Dr. Michael Reiterer, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Korea shares his thoughts on Europe Day, its significance in the current circumstances as well as the EU’s cooperation with the RoK. Watch Again


Watch again: How Does COVID-19 Impact Democracy?

The EU Ambassador to the RoK Michael Reiterer, Mason Richey, senior contributing writer to Asia Society Korea and associate professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, assistant professor at the University of Missouri and Yascha Mounk, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, discussed the impact of COVID-19 on modern democracies. You can watch it again here.

Infographic - The EU’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Key areas of action against COVID-19

  • Limiting the spread of the virus

  • Ensuring provision of medical equipment

  • Promoting research for treatments and vaccines

  • Supporting jobs, businesses and the economy

  • Helping EU citizens stranded abroad

  • Fighting disinformation

To read more, click here. 

Did you know?

Did you know that that the EU grants €314 million to innovative companies to combat coronavirus and support recovery? This funding will help unlock their potential so that we can better tackle both the COVID-19 and the green recovery. Read more