Delegation of the European Union to South Korea

About the EU Delegation to South Korea

The Role of the Delegation

  • To represent the Union, as appropriate, in the Republic of Korea.
  • To inform the European Union on political, social, economic, external relations and trade developments in the Republic of Korea and, in this regard, to maintain contact with the principal players in the fields of politics and public life generally, the economy, business, civil society and higher education.
  • To ensure a smooth and fruitful development of bilateral relations in the political, economic, commercial and co-operation fields and to seek to develop and encourage initiatives to promote co-operation under the Framework Agreement
  • To monitor and ensure implementation of the EU-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • To promote and protect the EU’s interests and values and to spread knowledge and raise awareness of developments in the EU, its policies, purposes and aims with a view to engendering a better understanding of EU affairs and establishing a higher profile for the EU.
  • To promote the EU’s policies in all areas.
  • To foster close co-operation on EU matters with Member States’ missions via regular meetings at Ambassador, Counsellor, Information and Administration Officer levels.
  • To carry out press and information activities in pursuit of the above objectives.



Thank you for stopping by at our website – I am happy to greet you as EU-ambassador designate to the Republic of Korea.

I am delighted to take up my duties after having worked with the Republic of Korea since 1999 when I was involved in the preparation of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit which was successfully organised in Seoul in 2000. Since then, I have returned several times for consultations and conferences, including at think tanks and universities - as a professor of international politics they are close to my heart.

We are living in turbulent times, whether here in Korea, on the Korean peninsula or in the European Union. As strategic partners and as global players, we have a duty to address global challenges, such as maintaining a rules based international order, strengthening the rule of law and international governance, implementing our respective commitments to combat climate change, fighting terrorism, stemming proliferation and dealing with migration are just a few examples of a common agenda.

This common agenda rests on the three pillars of our strategic partnership, namely our many bilateral agreements of which the Framework Agreement,  the Free Trade Agreement and the recently ratified Agreement establishing a framework for the participation of the Republic of Korea in European Union crisis management operations stand out. Applied effectively these agreements will make a significant contribution to global governance and stability in these times of insecurity.

I will strive to ensure that these agreements make a difference to you as agreements are not an end in themselves but made for people: educational exchanges, cultural diplomacy and working with civil society will be of particular importance. More cooperation between small and medium sized enterprises and innovative entrepreneurs as well as joint endeavours in research will help in adding a necessary human face to diplomacy. As a Tyrolian who grew up in the mountains of Austria, I am looking forward to hitting the slopes (in anticipation of the 2018 Winter Olympics J) and to joining many of you in hiking as I discover beautiful Korea.

I invite you to engage with us and look forward to many personal encounters in Seoul and beyond as I learn more about your country and culture. I will update this page regularly as the Ambassador's corner. Therefore check-in again here as well as on the rest of the Delegation website. We shall continue to provide fresh information on our cooperation and the EU which is hopefully of interest to you! 


Michael Reiterer

EU Ambassador designate to the Republic of Korea


Ambassador designate

Michael Reiterer

Head of Political Section
Joelle Hivonnet 

Head of Trade section
Paolo Caridi 

Head of Administration
Pieter Van Gemert

Press and Information officer
Chloe Jungyoon Kim

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