Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

About the EU Delegation to the Republic of Korea

The Role of the Delegation

  • To represent the Union, as appropriate, in the Republic of Korea.
  • To inform the European Union on political, social, economic, external relations and trade developments in the Republic of Korea and, in this regard, to maintain contact with the principal players in the fields of politics and public life generally, the economy, business, civil society and higher education.
  • To ensure a smooth and fruitful development of bilateral relations in the political, economic, commercial and co-operation fields and to seek to develop and encourage initiatives to promote co-operation under the Framework Agreement
  • To monitor and ensure implementation of the EU-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • To promote and protect the EU’s interests and values and to spread knowledge and raise awareness of developments in the EU, its policies, purposes and aims with a view to engendering a better understanding of EU affairs and establishing a higher profile for the EU.
  • To promote the EU’s policies in all areas.
  • To foster close co-operation on EU matters with Member States’ missions via regular meetings at Ambassador, Counsellor, Information and Administration Officer levels.
  • To carry out press and information activities in pursuit of the above objectives.


Dear visitor,

During the half last year of my stay in the Republic of Korea I have witnessed many developments – impeachment, elections, the formation of a new government, the April tensions on the Peninsula and the continued tensions with the North. Some friends jokingly ask me what else I can expect during the rest of my tenure!

I expect actually a lot: I expect that the continuous efforts by the newly elected President Moon will exercise leadership in finding a solution through peaceful means. The EU has reaffirmed its policy of Critical Engagement combining pressure while keeping communication and dialogue channels open and expressed its readiness to support such a process in consultation with key partners. Having sent for the first time a special envoy also to the European Union President Moon signalled his interest in enhancing cooperation with the EU not only in terms of foreign policy but also in studying the European social model.

In my out-reach activities I have started meeting representatives from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who continues his engagement for fighting climate change and pushing education as an important means to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The last Gateway Business Mission concentrating on water and waste technologies drew a large number of visitors and hopefully contributes to the enhancing the business relations between the EU and the Republic of Korea.  I am also proud to say that we stand firm with our Korean partners in applying the mutually beneficial Free Trade Agreement and the multilateral trading system. Europe is open for business as is Korea and thereby we strengthen the trust in the multilateral trading system.

Right after the summer the EU-Korea Trade Committee will meet at ministerial level to take stock of the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement, in conjunction the ASEM Trade Ministers' meeting which Korea is hosting.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have checked the website carefully you will have realised that we have updated the content.  You can also find us on our Facebook, Twitter and Naver Blog or follow my personal impressions on Twitter.


Michael Reiterer

EU Ambassador to the Republic of Korea


Ambassador, Head of Delegation

Michael Reiterer

Head of Political Section
Joelle Hivonnet 

Head of Trade section
Paolo Caridi 

Head of Administration
Pieter Van Gemert

Press and Information Officer
Chloe Jungyoon Kim

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