Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

Portraits of G20 Ambassadors on Display

24/10/2019 - 04:34
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In celebration of Hangeul (Korean Language) Day on October 9, Ambassador Michael Reiterer attended the G20 Special Exhibition of calligraphy, painting, seal engraving for the peace and prosperity of the world.

The portraits of 14 ambassadors to Korea among G20 members and Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha were on display at a special exhibition in Seoul from Oct. 8 to 14. The exhibition also features the names of the 15 diplomats in calligraphy and seal engraving.

The exhibition took the names and faces of the ambassadors of G20 countries as subjects of the works, to promote interest and understanding on the Korean traditional arts and enhance peaceful and friendly relations between the G20 countries.

EU Ambassador Michael Reiterer shared his experience in Brussels where he worked for three years on a project to introduce culture in international relations. He said the EU's position is that culture is an integral part of modern foreign policy. "And therefore this exhibition is 100 percent in line with what we are doing or trying to do. I thank you very much for this initiative," he said.

He said art could be "the basis for sound diplomacy," adding, "Art, whether it's a painting, music or dance, it's much easier to connect because you talk to people on a different level."

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