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Outcome of the Brussels III Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region”

Bruxelles, 18/03/2019 - 09:33, UNIQUE ID: 190318_2
Statements on behalf of the EU

The European Union hosted the third Brussels conference on ‘Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region’ and co-chaired with the UN on 12-14 March 2019. The Conference was attended by more than 1,000 participants including representatives from more than 400 Syrian, regional and international NGOs. The Conference reaffirmed the importance to keep Syria and the Syrian people on top of the international agenda, renewed the support to the UN-lead political process and mobilised international financial support for Syrians, for humanitarian aid both inside the country and in the neighbouring countries.

As EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said "We want this conflict not to be forgotten, we want the people of Syria not to be forgotten, in a moment when the international community seems to care a little bit less about this. We have to keep focused on a political solution for the conflict in Syria. It is not over yet, people need our support"

Thanks to generosity of contributors, the Conference managed to raise €8.3 billion in pledges for Syria and the region, including €6.2 billion just for 2019. The message that Europe never let the Syrians down was stronger than ever: 2/3rds of this money comes from the EU, with the European Commission alone pledging more than €2.5 billion.

Brussels III saw an unprecedented effort to involve Syrian and international Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations with special emphasis on women and accountability and justice.

The EU will continue tracking financial commitments made during the Conference, working with the UN as was the case for Brussels I and Brussels II, and reporting on progress made in Jordan and Lebanon on key mutual policy commitments from past conferences.


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