Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

Media coverage of "ENERGY PROSUMER: New Opportunities in the Energy Industry in the EU & Korea"

05/04/2017 - 13:57
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The former Prime Minister of Korea and Chairman of the Climate Change Centre, Dr Han Duk-soo and EU Ambassador-designate Michael Reiterer joined energy sector experts to speak about "Prosumers" and new opportunities in the energy industry at a roundtable in Seoul on 5 April.


The event was covered in a range of Korea media:


The Energy Economy (에너지 경제)
Prospects for "Energy Prosumers" in Korea

The Environment Daily (환경일보)
Photo] Climate Change Center, with EU Delegation held a seminar

Korea Economic Daily (한국경제신문)
New Climate Regime as New Opportunities, Energy Prosumer Market Needs Promotion

Energy Daily (에너지 데일리)
Fair Market Conditions and Pricing Pre-requisites for Prosumer Business

The Environment Daily (환경일보)
Amend Electricity Business Act, Open Up Monopolized Electricity Market, Experts say

The Electricity Times (전기신문)
Pricing, Market Reform Essential for Promoting Prosumers



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