Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

Colours by Europe: Taste of Excellences Campaign European Christmas Market

07/12/2021 - 06:47
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As part of the 14-month EU agricultural food promotion campaign entitled Colours by Europe. Taste of Excellence, initiated in July 2021, the EU Delegation is pleased to announce the up-coming European Christmas Market events. These events will provide a great opportunity to know more about the European agricultural food with excellent quality, and the variety of European dishes best suited for the Christmas season amid traveling restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. Diverse events are held on-line and off-line.

Enjoy its from Europe!

[Off-line event]

Event One: 17. Dec. 2021~23. Dec. 2021 (1 week) @ AK Plaza (Bundang) 1st Floor, Main Square

Event Two: 17. Dec. 2021~30. Dec. 2021 (2 weeks) @ AK Plaza (Bundang) B1, Food Market

  • Promotion of about 200-300 EU agricultural and food products from the 27 EU Member States.
  • On-site Hashsnap Photo Activity: We will select a total of 15 people and give out prizes among the people who participated during the hashtag event.
    • Period: December 17th -  23rd
    • Winner Announcement: On December 30th via our Instagram @euagrifood_korea
    • Prize Item: 1st place   EU food products worth KRW 100,000 (5 people)

 2nd place  EU food products worth KRW 50,000 (10 people)

[On-line event]

Event Three: Market Kurly banner event

From 16. Dec. 2021, 11:00 am ~ 23. Dec. 2021, 11:00 am (1 week)

  • Promotion of about 50-60 EU agricultural and food products from the 27 EU Member States.

Event Four: Instagram Event

    • Among the people participating,  we will select 20 to give out a hamper of EU agricultural food and beverage products.
    • Event Duration: 12/16(Thu) ~ 12/26(Sun)
    • Hashtag: #유럽크리스마스마켓 #유럽을맛보다
    • Prize Item: Hamper of EU agricultural food and beverage products (to 20 ppl /KRW 100,000)
    • Channel: EIFE Campaign Instagram
    • Instructions of how to participate:
      • Take a picture of EU agricultural food and beverage products that you purchased from Market Kurly.
      • Upload the picture of EU agricultural food and beverage products on your Instagram.
      • When you upload a picture, use hashtags of #유럽크리스마스마켓 (European Christmas Market in Korean) and #유럽을맛보다(Campaign theme in Korean) and tag us our IG @euagrifood_korea.