Delegation of the European Union to South Africa

Calls for Proposals and Tenders - EU-South Africa Strategic Economic Partnership


Public document to be completed by the Contracting Authority


EU-South Africa Strategic Economic Partnership
South Africa

1.    Publication reference


2.    Procedure


3.    Programme title

Support to the EU-South Africa Strategic Economic Partnership

4.    Financing

Partnership Instrument 2018 individual measure in support to the EU-South Africa Strategic Economic Partnership

5.    Contracting Authority

European Union, represented by the European Commission.

6.    Nature of contract

Global price

7.    Contract description

The action is intended to enable the EU to deliver on the economic/trade/investment dimension of its strategic economic partnership with South Africa and, in turn, maximise its trade and investment flows there. This includes ensuring proactive and responsive activities aiming at: 1) supporting the negotiation, conclusion and implementation of multilateral and bilateral agreements and processes when it comes to economic and trade aspects; 2) consolidating the ability and capacity of the EU and EU business to influence policy processes in both South Africa and at regional Southern African Development Community level; 3) ensuring EU visibility in the framework of the strategic economic partnership with South Africa through communication, exchanges, events and other appropriate  platforms.

8.    Indicative budget

EUR 3.5 million

9.    Intended timing of publication of the contract notice


10. Additional information


11. Legal basis

Regulation (EU) N°236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union's instruments for financing external action and Regulation (EU) No 234/2014 establishing a Partnership Instrument for cooperation with third countries.



There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this prior information notice and the publication of the corresponding contract notice.

No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage.

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