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The EU and Somalia signed today an agreement to provide €100 million to the Somali budget over the next 2.5 years. These funds will support the Federal Government’s reforms to build a unified, federal state. Somalia is on a positive track towards stability and growth. The EU's move to budget
On the European and World Day against the Death Penalty, the Council of Europe and the European Union (EU) reiterate their strong opposition to capital punishment in all circumstances and for all cases. The death penalty is an affront to human dignity. It constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading
Mogadishu, Somalia- On Wednesday (3 October, 2018), IOM, the UN migration agency, assisted 17 Somali migrants to voluntarily return from Tanzania, where they had been detained as they embarked on an unsuccessful journey to South Africa. IOM’s intervention was made under the auspices of the EU-IOM
Give honour and respect to all those to whom (it) is due Dear Prime Minister, Mayor of Mogadishu, brave people of Somalia and most of all, survivors of that October day and the families of those lost — it is a great honour to be with you on this day. A day that I know is still difficult, but which
The EU together with Federal Government Somalia's Ministry of Livestock and partners attended an event to help in the set-up of 15 businesses for marketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sets in Hodan district of Mogadishu. Fifteen business ladies currently selling charcoal have been
Yesterday, the 25th of September 2018, a new fish market was opened in Galkayo, with participation of the Ministry of Fisheries, the European Union Delegation to Somalia, local authorities and community representatives. The market is part of the EU funded program “Income, livelihood and nutrition
Europe Day 2018- video message by HRVP Federica Mogherini
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nternational Women's Day Celebration in Somalia
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The European Union and its Member States have progressively put in place a comprehensive external migration policy and strengthened the work along the Central Mediterranean route. Saving and protecting the lives of migrants and refugees, breaking the business model of smugglers and traffickers and
The EU, together with Somali authorities and international key partners, is engaged in Somalia through an integrated approach based on active diplomacy, support for political change, improving security, development assistance and humanitarian aid.
The revised EU Maritime Security Strategy (EU MSS) Action Plan contributes to the implementation of the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy and the Joint Communication on International Ocean Governance. It features, for the first time, a section dedicated to regions and sea basins,
2017 is a defining year for the partnership between Europe and Africa. In a rapidly changing global landscape, Africa is experiencing profound economic, political and societal changes, and its importance to the internal and external dimensions of Europe's security and prosperity is becoming
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