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A new Fishery Station opened in Laasqorey

20/09/2018 - 13:46
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A new fishery station was inaugurated today in Laasqorey with the participation of local authorities, international partners and fishery community.

The station will serve the local fishery community by sales of affordable ice, as well as cold storage and processing facilities and it is the latest milestone of the Project “Income, livelihood and nutrition through a fishery-based economy at the Horn of Africa”, funded by the European Union and implemented by Fairfishing in partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Somaliland.

Laasqorey is historically a fishery town, but the fishery activities have decreased during the last decades due to lacking fishery infrastructure. The new fishery station is meant to change this situation. The stable supply and availability of ice and cold storage will generate job and income opportunities in the local small-scale fishery, as well as improved access to nutritious food among local populations.

Constructed by a local company, Sanaag Construction, during the summer 2018, the station has a storage capacity of 80 m3 and its two ice machines can produce 6 tons of ice per day. The Station employs a local manager with staff who has also been trained to manage the station and run the operations.


The Fairfishing Project builds on the experience developed during the years by the NGO in Berbera. EU financial support and strong collaboration by with the Ministry of Fisheries allowed strengthening and replicating of this model in other locations. Fishery station were also supported in Berbera and Saylac and market facilities built in Burao .The project is also active in Puntland.



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