Delegation of the European Union to Somalia

The Federal Government of Somalia and the European Union launch new EU-funded programmes in support of Civil Society, Human Rights and Local Authorities

09/03/2018 - 08:21
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Mogadishu, 1/03/2018


Today, the Federal Government of Somalia and the European Union (EU) launched a new programme of support to civil society, human rights and local authorities.


With a total EU contribution of EUR 4.3 million, the programmes aim to contribute to promote Somali culture, strengthen the capacity of media outlets and create a safe working environment for journalists as well as advocate gender balance, access to justice, protection of civilians and the inclusion of youth in the political, social and economic spheres.

“We must look to long-term community solutions to break the cycle of persistent droughts and humanitarian crisis in Somalia,” said H.E. Gamal M Hassan the Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development. “We are confident that, through the collaboration between the European Union, Civil society organisations, the Federal Member States and the Federal Government and other key authorities, we can make this happen.” 

"Civil society plays a crucial role in bringing state authorities closer to their citizens by opening channels of communication between them. The EU is a long standing partner of the civil society and other non-state actors in Somalia, and wishes to strengthen a collaborative relationship between them and state institutions in all spheres of life”, said Pilar Palmero Vaquero, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Somalia.


The new EU-funded programmes demonstrate the sustained partnership and collaboration between the EU, the civil society and local authorities. They will complement previous and on‑going EU programmes in support of the civil society worth EUR 17 million for the period between 2012 and 2017.


Following the launch, the EU Delegation to Somalia hosted a round table discussion with civil society organisations and state authorities to share experiences and identify mutual challenges and expectations in their engagement with each other. Participants defined a set of recommendations for the way forward, recognising their respective responsibilities and the critical role that the civil society has played in the development of Somalia for the last 30 years.


For further information, please contact the European Union Delegation to Somalia at; Phone: + 254 020 2712830 / + 254 020 2713250

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