Delegation of the European Union to Somalia

EU Support Brings Hope for the Internally Displaced People in Mogadishu

23/01/2018 - 10:21
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Over 1.1 million people of the Somali population live in protracted internal displacement. Another one million Somalis are in displacement in neighbouring countries and more than one million people have been displaced since November 2016 due to drought and conflict, bringing the total displaced population to approximately 30% of the current estimated population of Somalia.

Most internally displaced persons (IDPs) live in unplanned and informal settlements in urban areas. For example, Mogadishu is home to approximately 600,000 IDPs, which is close to one third of the overall internally displaced population in Somalia. About 55% of the IDPs are concentrated in two of Mogadishu’s peripheral districts. Overall, this constitutes one of the highest IDP concentrations across the African continent. Read more:

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