Delegation of the European Union to Somalia

About the EU Delegation to Somalia

12/05/2016 - 17:35
About us - structure and organisation

The EU Delegation to the Federal Republic of Somalia operates from the European Union Diplomatic Compound in Mogadishu. Part of the team are also hosted by the EU Delegation to the Republic of Kenya in Nairobi. 

The Delegation in Somalia is one of over 130 European Union Delegations around the world. It has the status of a diplomatic mission and officially represents the European Union in Somalia.

Today the European Union has a population of around 500 million, is made up of 27 Members States, and is the largest trading bloc and development assistance provider in the world.

The institutions of the European Union are the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors.


The Delegation's mandate includes the following

  • To promote the political and economic relations between Somalia and the European Union by maintaining extensive relations with Somali counterparts and by increasing awareness of the EU, its institutions and its programmes;
  • To inform the public of the development of the EU and to explain individual EU policies;
  • To participate in the implementation of the European Union's assistance programmes


How we do it

1-The European Union is a reliable partner worldwide, taking its responsibilities:

" We commit to multilateral solutions to global issues, we project an alternative to protectionism and isolation, we advocate for human rights and democracy worldwide". 

2- The European Union promotes an integrated approach to security with its partners:

"Ranging from conflict prevention, strengthening of resilience and development, as well as proper development of military capabilities". 

3- The European Union defends a holistic approach to migration internationally:

"Putting migration in the wider context, from development to economic growth, stability, fight against criminality and political participation".


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