European Union Delegation to Singapore


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This programme supports ASEAN in questions related to Migration and Border managament.

Building on achievements of the EU-ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building Programme (EASCAB, 2009-2013), COMPASS helps ASEAN integration through the availability and utilisation of more timely, comparable and relevant information.

The ARISE programme is a technical cooperation facility. The aim of ARISE is to support the implementation of key regional initiatives prioritised in the Master Plan for ASEAN Connectivity, to build the ASEAN single market and production base.

The EU's growing engagement in Asia was the key theme of Federica Mogherini's speech at the the 14th Asia Security Summit – or IISS Shangri-La Dialogue as it has come to be known. The Summit is the most important regular gathering of defense professionals in the region and beyond.

À la suite de la récente exécution d’un condamné à Singapour, l’Union européenne réaffirme son opposition à la peine capitale. Convaincue que la peine de mort est un châtiment cruel et inhumain, elle n'a cessé d’appeler à son abolition universelle.

L’Union européenne exhorte les autorités de Singapour à suspendre toutes les exécutions prévues et à rétablir son moratoire sur la peine de mort en guise de première étape avant son abolition définitive.



Following the recent execution of a convict in Singapore, the European Union recalls its opposition to the use of capital punishment. The European Union believes that the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment and has consistently called for its universal abolition.

The European Union calls on the Singaporean authorities to stop all pending executions and to reinstate its earlier moratorium on capital punishment as a first step towards definitive abolition of the death penalty