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Delegation of the European Union to Singapore


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EEAS revises its traineeship scheme in EU Delegations

EEAS revises its traineeship scheme in EU Delegations


Co-Chairs’ Press Release EU-ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting, 5-6 July 2017, Bangkok

The EU-ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) was held in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand, on 5-6 July 2017.


EU-Singapore Trade & Investment 2017 Booklet

As mature economies with rather stable growth rates, the EU and Singapore continue to increase their commercial links - a trend highlighted by the EU-Singapore Trade & Investment 2017 booklet. In effect, the European Union remains Singapore's most important trading partner when both goods and services are taken together.

Climate Change: Innovation & Land Transport

The seminar gathered high-profile panellists both from the public and private sector resulting in insightful discussions on the topic. The presence of Mr Henrik Hololei, director general for mobility & transport at European Commission, European Union made possible this successful joint event with Singapore Ministry of Transport and set a precedent for future collaborations with the Singapore government on the climate change agenda.